Melinda Skinner



  “I’m originally from New York; born in Brooklyn, grew up in Long Island. I went to college in Virginia at Hampton University, during which time I had a son. I’m a single mom, but relentlessly driven despite. Before coming to American Income Life, I was laid off. I felt like I failed; in fact, this may have been the third time in life I felt like I failed. Then, American Income Life called. Two years later, three promotions in, I’m glad I took a chance. Everything I prayed for in an opportunity: growth, advancement, marginal income- a place to serve and live purposefully, I found In my position with this company. The growth I’ve experienced professionally, spiritually, and in character- as a person, coupled with my financial gain, is incomparable to any other opportunity I’ve ever known. What I’ve learned: ‘sometimes you fail or fall, to land right where you need to be.’ This is an amazing company to work with- its truly ‘Opportunity Unlimited’; and I’m blessed and grateful to be a part of it.